Date Type Description
    2017-08-07Bug FixFixed an issue with loading which didn't correctly trigger a recalculation of a book's description,,
    2017-08-06Bug FixFixed a bug with the salesman,,
    2017-08-06FeatureWorked on a feature relating to the Place of Shadows,,
    2017-08-06FeatureAdded three shadow place research topics,,
    2017-08-06Bug FixFixed a missing exit in a wilderness room,,
    2017-08-06Bug FixRemoved a damage protection effect from a crafts attuning ability which wasn't meant to do that,,
    2017-08-06Bug FixFixed a typo in an ability label,,
    2017-08-06Bug FixFixed a typo in a room instruction message,,
    2017-08-05CodefixStarted work on a system for identifying variables which are reaching potentially dangerous values,,
    2017-08-05FeatureAdded two shadow place research topics,,
    2017-08-03Bug FixFixed a broken cooldown timer on painseed
    2017-08-03FeatureAdded several rooms for Haven
    2017-08-03Bug FixCorrected an issue with display containers
    2017-08-03Bug FixFixed an issue with returning to Elysium after a Hades based world event
    2017-08-03Bug FixFixed an issue where being ethereal wasn't allowing you to carry out a task in Baron Eskvan's dungeon correctly
    2017-08-03Bug FixFixed a bug with discipline's cooldown
    2017-08-03CodefixFixed several cases where variables outside an array range were being incorrectly accessed
    2017-08-02Bug FixAmended several child NPCs which had the wrong age format causing them to skew citizen stats for Tylorus when deciding whether to spawn new builders or other NPCs
    2017-08-02Bug FixAdded a save file for city warehouse stock withdrawal limits
    2017-08-02Bug FixModified corpse creation to move permanent items to the corpse if it is a corpse of an NPC