Date Type Description
    2017-08-10Bug FixMarked a previously coded demonic research topic as complete,,
    2017-08-10FeatureAdded three shadow place research topics,,
    2017-08-10BalanceAdded a message to a wanderer quest to make the result of the quest more obvious,,
    2017-08-10Bug FixRemoved an excess line break from a citizen chat,,
    2017-08-10Bug FixFixed an error tracking message which was displaying,,
    2017-08-10FeatureCompleted a demonic research topic,,
    2017-08-09Bug FixFixed an issue where inferno could kill unkillable NPCs,,
    2017-08-09FeaturePartially coded a demonic research topic,,
    2017-08-09Bug FixChanged an error message relating to legion commands which was too specific for its actual purpose,,
    2017-08-09FeatureContinued work on a new unified command for removing various city created items,,
    2017-08-08CodefixRemoved a temporary fix for ships which has already applied,,
    2017-08-08FeatureChanged wood chopping so that the wood is automatically batched to make it easier to manage and to reduce item creation,,
    2017-08-08FeatureCompleted a demonic research topic,,
    2017-08-07Bug FixFixed an issue where dye premiums were not being taken into account for clothier prices,,
    2017-08-07Bug FixAmended industries using a combined function to ignore offline status when amending the access list, to make them consistent with industries using stand alone functions,
    2017-08-07FeatureAdded three shadow place research topics,,
    2017-08-07Bug FixFixed an issue with loading which didn't correctly trigger a recalculation of a book's description,,
    2017-08-07Bug FixAmended bank interest to reset to the maximum storage amount after the interest is applied rather than before,,
    2017-08-07FeatureChanged the 'change ownership' syntax message slightly to try to emphasise that you need to specify the building name rather than the industry class,,
    2017-08-07Bug FixAdded a syntax message if you use an incorrect form of the 'mine' command,,