Date Type Description
    2017-08-15Bug FixFixed an issue with a wilderness room which was linked in two positions on the map by removing the links to one copy of it,,
    2017-08-15FeatureAdded some information about permanent and temporary items to the academy experience,,
    2017-08-15Bug FixCorrected an incorrect syntax message relating to Gralnakia,,
    2017-08-15Bug FixFixed some typos in a player construction,,
    2017-08-15BalancePrevented iron machines from being created in rooms which are not building land terrain, and stopped existing iron machines in non-building rooms from functioning,
    2017-08-14FeatureAdded directions to several local points of interest to the directions command,,
    2017-08-14FeatureAdded a line to each of the guides to advertise the directions command as an alternative to the city maps,,
    2017-08-14FeatureUpdated several academy quests to suggest using the directions command if required,,
    2017-08-14CodefixModified the directions command to allow output more tailored to the destination rather than giving a generic output,,
    2017-08-14Bug FixAdded a separate message if asking for directions to the location you're already in,,
    2017-08-13Bug FixFixed an extra message appearing in the 'directions' command,,
    2017-08-13FeatureWorked on a new directions command,,
    2017-08-13FeatureWorked on an academy summary command 'academy status',,
    2017-08-13CodefixRemoved some debug messages and replaced others with less spammy versions in the path finding code,,
    2017-08-13CodefixChanged the path finding code to allow more iterations to enable longer paths to be built,,
    2017-08-12FeatureAdded a shadow place research topic,,
    2017-08-12FeatureAdded two additional city research topics,,
    2017-08-12FeatureCompleted a demonic research topic,,
    2017-08-11FeaturePartially coded a demonic research topic,,
    2017-08-10FeatureCompleted a demonic research topic,,