Date Type Description
    2017-08-23FeatureAdded some variables relating to an additional planned Academy side quest,,
    2017-08-23FeatureAdded some messages to the yellow-sphered staff to make it clearer when it was having an effect,,
    2017-08-22Bug FixFixed an issue with prize items which meant they could be used multiple times,,
    2017-08-20Bug FixFixed a bug with directions,,
    2017-08-20Bug FixFixed a missing message with a quest,,
    2017-08-20Bug FixFixed a bug with academy graduation,,
    2017-08-19CodefixSimplified the academy graduation code,,
    2017-08-19FeatureAdded a suggestion to turn on the OOC channel when novices graduate the academy,,
    2017-08-19FeatureModified tradesmen to give you their instructions if you greet them,,
    2017-08-19FeatureChanged the error message for 'positions' to give the correct syntax if you type it without specifying a city,,
    2017-08-19FeatureCompleted work on the first optional side quest for the academy,,
    2017-08-19FeatureModified 'id inv' to allow the syntax 'id inventory',,
    2017-08-18FeatureContinued work on an optional side quest for the academy,,
    2017-08-17FeatureAdded an extra room to each academy in preparation for a planned feature,,
    2017-08-17Bug FixAdded an extra space to the shop listing for fat merchants,,
    2017-08-17FeatureStarted work on an optional side quest for the academy,,
    2017-08-16FeatureReferenced the 'academy status' command when a player is enrolled into the academy,,
    2017-08-16FeatureAdded a reminder about completing the academy every half an hour for players who have not yet completed it, and are not yet 21 years old,
    2017-08-16Bug FixFixed a bug where challenge bonuses applied after abandoning a challenge,,
    2017-08-16FeatureAdded directions or guidance/suggestions to each task stage of the academy questline in 'academy status',,