Welcome to Elysium!

This is a player built site in order to help new players just get started, older players to catch up quickly on everything new, and for all players to have nearly all information easily accessible at your fingertips! Nearly all, because there still has to be secrets and things you'll want to figure out on your own, right??

Elysium was created in December of 1996 and is still active today and continues to build new areas and features. While the realm is mostly populated by older players, new players are always welcome and encouraged to ask questions. Please see the 'Get Started' page if you're new and don't want to be too lost.

Elysium is a complete, original world open to many types of players. After you come of age, you can start off with working for your city, or join another, and learn the layout of the land. Run a shop and sell clothing, food, and other items. Your emperor will always have work for you, should you decide to serve the city. If you prove yourself, you may even hold a city position and perhaps someday become the emperor yourself!

Join a guild and learn the skills you want to fight, craft, or just cause general mischief. With so many skills available to learn, there is plenty to choose from to customize your character.

Is there more? Of course there is! You can set sail to different lands to explore, just watch out for sea monsters. Each main island is full of areas tucked away, full cities, land spanning all around, dungeons, and the occasional curious spot that just doesn't seem right. There are quests available from both your court advisor in your city, as well as NPCs spread about.